Friday, May 2, 2008

Useful Websites

It's been a while since I updated. My thesis proposal has been approved, field work will begin shortly.

I will be posting a list of books that have been useful in the near future, today I'm going to post a couple of websites of other projects and organizations doing work with cemeteries.

First up, the African American Cemeteries forum:

Primarily a geneological site, but if you're doing genealogical research it's a good resource.

African American Cemeteries Online

A list of known African American Cemeteries nation wide. Geared mostly at geneology studies, once again, but a useful resource.

Chicora Foundation on the Web:

A non-profit heritage preservation organization based in South Carolina, they have some useful information on their web site regarding cemetery preservation.

Association for Gravestone Studies:

A professional organization devoted to gravestone studies and cemetery studies in general. Their journal, Markers, is one of the few in the field. If you are interested in gravestone or cemetery studies, you should consider joining.

Finally, a North Carolina cemetery preservation project. Mission Resurrection-Cemetery Preservation:

A project that is attempting to restore and preserve African American cemeteries in Onslow County, NC. They are not a "not-for-profit" organization, which is interesting, although it may be due to lack of time and funding to go through the hoops of legally becoming a non-profit.

I'll be posting additional resources as I find them, as well as updates on my project.
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Anonymous said...


Thank you for mentioning my Internet site dealing with African American Cemeteries (Mission Resurrection). You were correct to state that financial and assistance in forming a "Not-For-Profit" group was the reason why I have not done the P/W.

Drop me an email at

Thank you again.