Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Black Bottom Cemetery in the news again.

Black Bottom Cemetery in Belhaven, NC is once again in the news. WRAL out of Raleigh did a story on it, here. In addition, there's an extended segment at b-roll.net, here.

They did a fair job of coverage, the videography in the piece is quite well done, although the decision to include video of the bones that are visible in the crypts is something I wish the videographer had left out.

Most interesting to me, however, has been the reaction to the story. There's been the usual "that's so sad" posts, along with at least one "cemeteries are a waste of space" post. In addition to these there have been several that are absolutely incensed that tax money is being used to restore a black cemetery, and that the families aren't out there clearing brush every Saturday.

The problem with this attitude is twofold. Many families no longer live in the area, having moved elsewhere to find jobs and the city has maintained the white cemetery for years, but provided no maintenance for the historically black cemetery. It's not a case of the black cemetery being specially privileged, it's a case where the cemetery is being given the same treatment after decades of neglect. Sphere: Related Content

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