Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grave News: Emails from the dead.

Almost 10 years ago, Peter Fenton wrote an article about the emerging phenomena of "emails from the dead", in which individuals reported receiving emails from loved ones, apparently written after their death and full of intimate details. Generally these were linked to glitches in mail delivery (mail is queued but not sent, then a relative logs on the computer, dials the internet, and out goes the messages).
10 years later, and there's a couple of companies basing their business model on email from the dead. Deathswitch.com and Slightlymorbid.com will send an email once you've shuffled off this mortal coil. You write the email and give them a list of addresses and that's it. One service relies on you failing to respond to an email for pre-set amount of time to detect if you're dead, the other relies on you having made arrangements with a family member to log in and hit send. Either way, there's potential for mistakes, but it's an interesting idea - a 21st century twist on the age old "leave a diary/letter/video for my kids/friends/loved ones".

I think the diary is a better idea though. Sphere: Related Content

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