Friday, June 12, 2009

When even the bad can do some good...

A friend of mine sent this link to me:  Rich History in One Jackson Cemetery.  It's a video produced by WAPT in Jackson about damage to Greenwood Cemetery in Jackson and the attention that's been brought to the cemetery as a result.  This cemetery contains the grave of several former governors, luminaries such as Eudora Welty, and many others.  It seems a large tree fell in the cemetery, causing damage to several markers including one photographed by Eudora Welty (who was a photographer for the Works Progress Administration prior to taking up a pen).  The damage is unfortunate, but a positive side effect has been increased publicity for the cemetery.  It's a an interesting video, they chose to follow a geneologer through the cemetery and record some of his thoughts. 

If you're reading this blog, odds are you in interested in some facet of cemeteries - either as geneological resources, historic sites, or cultural phenomena.  There's an old adage that "any coverage is good coverage", and while you can certainly debate the truth of that, keep it in mind whenever you're working with old cemeteries - even an event such as a tree falling can be used to bring publicity (and hopefully much-needed preservation funds). 

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