Friday, July 17, 2009

Update on Mound in Oxford, Alabama

This morning I received an email from Dan Whisenhunt, a reporter with the Anniston Star letting me know that they broke the original story. I'd linked to the Birmingham News in my recent posts, but it appears they picked the story up off the AP wire from the Star. Usually when I'm not close enough to visit a site in person I attempt to find the newspaper for the town where the event happens or the closest large city - this technique let me down this time.

The Anniston Star has excellent coverage of this issue - they've been covering it extensively and doing what a news agency is supposed to do - finding out the facts concerned. So far they've uncovered the University of Alabama report on the site and associated letters, an article noting that supposedly the construction crews have orders to avoid the mound, an article on how taxpayer money was used for the destruction, and several others. Check out the links and site for more information. I apologize for missing the Anniston Star in the original round of posts, they have the most complete coverage of this story and I commend Dan Whisenhunt and the Anniston Star for the thoroughness of their research! Sphere: Related Content

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