Thursday, December 15, 2011

Historic St. Peter Cemetery excavated in French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

A portion of the historic St. Peter's Cemetery underneath the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA was excavated over the summer.  The excavations were triggered by the construction of a swimming pool in a new condo development.  This Times-Picayune article has some of the details.  The comments are particularly interesting. 

St. Peter's Cemetery was the first cemetery (there may be older burial places, for example along levees or underneath the church/cathedral), established in 1725.  When it was established it was outside the city, however, as the city grew it was eventually swallowed up by what is now the French Quarter.  It was officially closed in the late 18th century and by the early 19th century the land was being re-developed for residential and commercial use.  The burials were not moved and remain underneath the modern French Quarter.

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